Saturday, August 7, 2010

My First Blogger Award!

Wow, I always wondered what the big deal was with these awards bloggers passed around. I received my first one this week. Yay! Nicole Murray was kind enough to award me this lovely Find and Friend Award:

Apparently the goal is to pass it on to five other bloggers. Usually I don't participate in those chain-type emails and whatnot, but I don't want to break any blogging rules. In truth, I'd love to award it to everyone who managed to stumble onto my corner of cyberspace, but to start I'll just give it to the five who have been keeping tabs on my ramblings the longest:

Stephanie Thornton, whose award-winning blog revolves around her WIP, a novel about the female Egyptian pharoah, Hatshepsut.

Martin Turton, my writing friend from England who seems to have fallen off the face of the planet!

Milo Fowler, whose insightful blog focuses on the writing world.

Izzey, who posts her powerful poetry in her blog, "Life's Peculiarities," for all to enjoy.

L.T. Host, who is one of four creative and informative writers who contribute to The Secret Archives of the Alliterati

If you haven't stopped by Nicole Murray's blog, check out her gorgeous jewelry under "SalvagedBeauty" (if that's your thing. It's certainly mine), and her Wednesday WIP that includes snippets from her novel and other fiction she's working on.



Nicole Murray said...

Thank you for your wonderful shout out--my blog and my Etsy shop! ;-D I wasnt much for this sort of thing (blog awards, etc.) at first, but I've found that awards and blogfests are great ways to meet other writers and the like. More creative and varied buds. AND who doesnt like giving and recieving a kind word to another.

Just make sure ya drop each winner a line on there blog.

Happy writing!

Anonymous said...

Where the heck IS Martin anyway? He finally accepted my friend request on Facebook about a week ago, but I sent him a message and no reply so far...

Cort Ellyn said...

You mean he's still alive!?! Argh!!! If I lived on his side of the ocean I'd have to show him what for. He's not updated any of my links to his blogs or anything, so I wonder if he didn't sever all ties to the writing life -- or at least to us and started all new ones under a secret pseudonym. *growl-roar* I seriously got to thinking he was dead and felt terrible for his family. Well, I feel snubbed. And insulted. And...I'm sure he has very good reasons for avoiding all my attempts to see if he's still residing on the planet. *GROWL*

Milo James Fowler said...

Thanks for the nod, Cort. =]

izzey said...

I never came by here to acknowledge this. I am so sorry. This is just wonderful! I have to join more blogs!! lol Seriously, I have been crazy busy. Boat season ends the first day of November for me. I then do my volunteer work with the homeless and halfway houses...and get to write like a maniac for the winter months!!!
Thank you Cort.
And I've said it elsewhere today, but will say it again here...Happy Birthday!!! :):)