Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Truth or Lies Revealed...

Well, I took Nicole Murray's advice and mixed truth with falsehood on 5 of the 6 below. I said:

Truth or Lies:
1. I've been to all 50 states in the US and three European countries.
2. I was born in Fort Worth, Texas.
3. I managed to graduate with straight B's in college.
4. I married my high school sweetheart.
5. I didn't know I had a brother until I was ten years old.
6. I wouldn't be caught dead attending a Renaissance fair.

In truth,
1. I've been to only 26 states and three European countries, plus Canada and Mexico. I love to travel.
2. I was born in a dinky oil town in the Texas panhandle called Perryton.
3. I managed to graduate with all A's. Yeah, I had no social life. But graduating with honors rocked!
4. This one is true.
5. I was about 7 when I learned I had a brother. Maybe 6. One of those surreal discoveries that changed life forever.
6. I attend the fairs. I even have an expensive costume. *sigh* There, I admitted it.



Milo James Fowler said...

Ha! I knew #6 was false! #5 sounds like the premise of a cool memoir...

izzey said...

I had a feeling you had not been to all fifty states. (I drove a truck cross-country (yup, the really big ones) and still have not been to all fifty...but just a few more than you)

Wasn't sure of Texas.

But knew you got the "A" and not the B. :)

I was absolutely positive 'four' was true.

I thought five was true, you just altered the age.

And as far as
I had no doubt whatsoever, that you went to those fairs. You have the personality for it. Very lady. :)

Okay...where do I post mine? Here, or on my own blog? I hestitate to put it on mine, as it seems to have turned into a blog of poetry only.
Let me know. I've got 'em ready for ya.

Cort Ellyn said...


If you want to keep your blog just for poetry, I have no problem with you posting your truths and lies in a comment here. I think it really depends on where you think they'll be read more, if that's important to you.