Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My First Review!

Well, after Milo told us about his fantastic review, found right here at blogspot, I decided to find out if July's issue of Kaleidotrope had received any kind of review yet. So I googled it. Ah, the wonders of Google. It seems that SFRevu writes up reviews of several SF&F magazines, and Kaleidotrope happens to be one of them. Sam Tomaino had this to say about my novelette "Fire Eater":

Cort Ellyn's "Fire Eater" gives us Mother Mirrah who wants justice for a draeling, a creature that is partly human, who she is convinced was unjustly imprisoned 140 years ago. She talks with him and has great sympathy for him. I won't reveal how this one turns out, but I will say that is was a very well-written story.

Cool, huh? I had read a review of Kaleidotrope before and the critic that day had nothing good to say. Seriously he must've been in a bad mood or something. So I had cause to be nervous. But all's well that ends well, right?



Milo James Fowler said...

Mos def: "very well-written" is always good to see! I'm surprised that Kaleidotrope has received bad reviews, considering the quotes they have posted on their homepage. Your "draeling" sounds very cool -- a mythical creature, or something birthed from the creative mind of Court Ellyn?

Court Ellyn said...

Teehee. Something birthed from the mind of Court Ellyn. Drilyga are nasty creatures with lots of weapons and testosterone. Mix them with humans and you get a draeling. Ah, fantasy realms. Nothing else like them. Thank goodness. ;D