Monday, November 29, 2010

Giving Thanks...

For turkey
For cake and cookies in abundance
For great story ideas
For a husband who is patient with me while I express those ideas
For 33 years filled with precious memories
For a family that made those memories possible
For Lady and Manalito, who teach me about priorities and unmerited blessings
For a country where I am still free to worship my Savior

Did anyone eat as much as I did? I feel like a butterball myself. For a couple of months I've been carefully monitoring my eating, so this weekend, I ate with impunity. Guiltless enjoyment. Now I never want to eat again. I say that every year. :D

Also, I have the privilege of buying Christmas presents for a boy in Mozambique. His name is Manalito and he's twelve, and I have no idea what 12-year-old boys want for Christmas. The necessities are easy, but what about the fun stuff? I'm recruiting my sister's help. Maybe she'll know what to do.

Regardless, a little boy on the other side of planet Earth has become precious to me. And seeing how he lives has taught me, not to feel guilty for the house I live in and the clothes in my closet and the food on my table, but to believe that we who live in this wealthy country have a primary responsibility of seeing to the needs of these children. I wish I could buy them running water, but toothbrushes and socks will have to do.


Milo James Fowler said...

A heartwarming post indeed, Court. We have SO MUCH to be thankful for in this short life.

izzey said...

I missed this one, Court.
This is exactly why I am so involved in my volunteer work all winter long, with the homeless and the halfway houses. Since my work on the water is seasonal, I do all that I can with a food and clothing drive, as well as gifts for the holidays. And yes, a toothbrush and slippers; simple things we take for granted...are surely gifts for those that do not have them. God Bless you, dear. Excellent post...wonderful heart. :)