Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Mists" To Smashwords

Well, it's been a while since I posted a progress report on the novel project, b/c writing on it has been hit and miss, and I need a new vision for the scene coming up. It's nasty. Really nasty. So I'm pondering.

In the meantime, I've decided to test the self-pubbing waters earlier than I expected. Sometime ago, CL Stegall and Brian Fatah Steele, two self-published writers at LegendFire, mentioned something about a place called Smashwords. I'm sheltered enough that I was clueless, so I checked it out and that knowledge has been stewing for months.

Recently, I got to freaking out about the size of this novel project and decided that I should test the whole process with something smaller first. "Mists of Blackfen Bog" was published in Silver Blade, an online fantasy journal, in 2009. The serialized thing was cool while it lasted, but now I would like to see the whole novella published in one streamlined unified volume. I tried to find another journal to do it the traditional way, but the prospects have shrunk to one or two unsuitable options. So, I said, screw it. I'll do it myself.

The last two days I've been studying the formatting guide offered at Smashwords and reformatting the novella to be compliant. (I am NOT looking forward to reformatting three epic-sized novels in this manner!) I've also been researching reviewers who might say something nice about the story. The reviews, of course, would go on the cover of the print version that I'm readying for CreateSpace.

Blah! This entry is all over the place. My brain is firing randomly b/c it's packed with so much new stuff. Sorry about that.

Anyway, the Smashwords edition first, then the print version at CreateSpace. Here's a sample of the cover I'm working on. Will likely alter a few more things, so advice would be handy at this point.

As soon as the first edition is available on Smashwords, I'll be tweeting and blogging like crazy.


Milo James Fowler said...

Beautiful -- where'd you find your image?

Court Ellyn said...

Thanks! I followed some advice of a guy who designs his own book covers. They rock. He plumbs the depths of places like DeviantART for textures and stock images, so I started there. Then googled "spirits" and found the girl and merged her with the rest. A big learning experience. I use GIMP instead of Photoshop b/c it's free and I'm penniless. :D

Jeff Chapman said...

Cool book cover. It looks very professional.

Court Ellyn said...

Wow, thanks, Jeff. I'm having a lot of fun with all this design business.