Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blood of the Falcon, Progress Report

Ack, this novel rewriting business is eating my lunch! My brain is on the verge of fried. Honestly, I did not expect rewriting a novel that I know so well to be so difficult. I was trucking along, enjoying myself until about three chapters ago. Then the end felt soooo near, and for some reason writing became exhausting. Is it because I’ve spent a year and a half revising something that originally only took me six months? Is it because I have a “perfectionist” issue? Is it because all those loose ends are starting to tie up and there are too many details for my shrinking brain to handle? I think it’s the latter, actually.

But I shall persevere! Hoping to be finished with the major part of the project and reach “The End” by the end of March. Then comes the proofreading, formatting, covers and maps, etc. in April. That’s the tentative schedule at present.

So, the updated progress report:

Where We Stand This Week
pages left to revise: 65
bad things that happened: a hero faces the demons chasing him
good things that happened: … nothing? hmm, that’s a good sign

Wow, sixty-five pages left is far fewer than I had feared. Hurray!


Justin A. Williams said...

You're actually completely rewriting it, all the way through?
Dear Elbesem I hope nothing compels me to do that with my novel.

Court Ellyn said...

LOL - Yep, the whole thing. My disclaimer is, This is really a personal project, but it would be nice if it sold a couple of extra copies to fans of high fantasy or, better, to people who have never read a fantasy so that they think it's awesome. ;) So, yeah, I'm ready to move on.

Thanks for stopping by, Justin!