Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Inspiration: Lothiar

If I found the perfect image of Lyrienn long after I wrote her, I had two strong images for her brother from the very beginning. Both sources will prove how long ago I wrote the first draft. The first comes from the cinematic trailer for Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos.

This fallen hero provided the fun visual inspiration, and Lothiar has remained fairly true to it despite the numerous changes the novels have undergone.

The second source is closer to home and far darker. About the time I turned my attention to writing my villains, two airplanes flew into the World Trade Center. The media repeatedly played footage of the man responsible.

These kinds of images troubled me for years. This soft-eyed murderer sitting with his back to a rock wall so no one would be able to identify his location as he rallied support for his cause and laid blame on his victims. This is the kind of evil that provided the backbone for Lothiar. Of course, fiction can't touch the horrors of real life, despite my efforts to weave the proper words.

Project: The Falcons Saga
Name: Lothiar
Race: Elf
Home: Lady's Palace, unknown reaches
Family: son of Danyth and Leavhan, older brother of Laniel and Lyrienn
Significance to the story: Kieryn's archenemy.
Extra Tidbits: His name means "ash"


Kimberly Grenfell said...

That first image . . . that's exactly how I'd pictured him -- spot on! Wow. The second is a bit of a surprise, though. Interesting to see where other authors get their inspirations from, where they garner the bits and pieces that make up their characters. I'd be curious to see whether my image of the twins is the same as how you picture them. :D Besides, they both sound kind of cute.

Court Ellyn said...

Kind of cute?! LOL - They're hotties. Of course! And whatever that means to you, that's what they look like. I have never found an image that matches them, b/c they're whatever fits the definition at the time. Now, internally? Sheesh, I know where most of that comes from. ;)

Kimberly Grenfell said...

All right, yeah, they're hot. Sheesh. Lol! And I hear ya. I've never found a good match for my character, Sebastian, only because there's no man out there who'd been born without original sin. *cringe* Hey, he can transcend at will. *shrug*

I'd still like to see the twins. *gives big puppy eyes*