Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tornadoes and the Falcons Saga

That, right there, is the kind of thing that is slowing down my progress lately. These suckers will not stop coming. It's been the stormiest spring in my memory. More storms are projected for tomorrow as well, and Thursday. Hopefully no more clouds that look like this. This is the kind of cloud you never want to see bearing down on you. I took this picture on my husband's iphone last Friday. The storm itself was about six miles northwest of our house at this point, but soon after this, the storm exploded south and overtook us. So last Friday was my first official trip into a storm cellar. Bound to happen sooner or later, living in Tornado Alley as I do. Today we learned that the primary tornado spawned by this particular cloud was rated an F5, which is the strongest tornado rating available to date, and it's been classified as the widest tornado ever recorded. Over 2 miles wide. That's a nightmare, folks.

Once the tornado swept past, the storm dumped up to 10 inches of rain in places. Oklahoma City was flooded, houses and business and cars were ruined, several people drowned.

Devastation and human loss seem to have filled my viewfinder lately. It's unbelievably difficult to write about crisis in my characters' lives when real-life crisis is affecting so many people around me. Words suddenly seem inadequate, but the twins and I are gradually punching through the pain, a paragraph at a time.

Chapter(s): 25-26
Death count: 200+
Good things that happen: A love story blooms.
Bad things that happen: A terrible choice looms for Carah.

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