Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Janis Accepted!

Who doesn't love Janis Joplin, eh? I mean, really. The wailing, the rebellion, the angst, the soul in that whiskey voice. A year ago, I posted about the Janis story I was writing, and in the months since I have been trying to sell it. We finally got a bite. Voluted Tales, a lovely subscription-only ezine, has picked up the story and will publish it on October 25th.

Thanks goes to my critiquers at LegendFire. Undoubtedly, they helped me work out the kinks. The success is theirs, too.

Now it's time to raise a glass of Southern Comfort and celebrate. Cheers, all.


Unknown said...

Very cool, Court! Congratulations!

Court Ellyn said...

Thanks, CL! :D