Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Scratch That...

Ignore my last post. The anthology has been temporarily pulled.

Ah, the joys and frustrations of publication! Apparently there was an issue with one of the author contracts, which forced our editor to pull the anthology. Poor Joshua. He's worked tirelessly on this thing, and little snags at the end are always the worst.

But, says I to myself, never fear! As soon as the contract issues are smoothed away, the anthology will be back online, and we'll have our "Release, Take 2" party. It promises to be a storm of a party, too, with blog tours, giveaways, interviews, and, man, would I love some swag. That book cover would look dandy on a black t-shirt. Am I dorky? Heh, yeah, probably.

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Court Ellyn said...

So I just spent a ridiculous amount of money for a simple t-shirt at CafePress. Hopefully, the book cover will look amazing and not pixelated. I had a mug made some time ago, with LegendFire's logo on it, and as expensive as it was, and even though the image was within the parameters, it was noticeably pixelated. *fingers crossed for better results on the tee*