Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Twitter Blues

Feeling: disgruntled.

Word of the day: Solicit
1. to ask for (something, such as money or help) from people, companies, etc.
2. to ask (a person or group) for money, help, etc.
3. to offer to have sex with (someone) in return for money

The Rant: So I decided to make an effort by actually tweeting more regularly. Not ads and self-promos, but more personal stuff. Stuff that proves I'm a person and not an automated marketing machine.

While embarking on that journey, I decided to visit my "followers" page and return the favor by following many of them back. A couple hours later, I check my email inbox and what do I see? Several new direct messages from other Tweeters. Cool, I think, people want to engage. *glower* Yeah. Right. Every single one of the messages were solicitations to join a website or a sells pitch for someone's brilliant book.

So I'm disgruntled because it seems that "follow" is a synonym for "solicit." Join me, buy me, promote me. You followed me, you must want me and my product. Here, have some. *open mouth, insert spoon* Ugh.

I have a paper hidden away with all my website log-in info on it (really, really hidden away). There are 68 lines of accounts. Just me, one human being with 68+ usernames/passwords/etc (and I'm sure in some people's books, that's relatively few, which only strengthens my argument). I'm not interested in adding to that list. More than likely I will decline any invitations to join more websites sent by tweet. And I have review policies, posted right here on my blog, so I will certainly decline any invitations to review someone's book sent by tweet.

It was all so impersonal and ... gross-feeling. Does any tweeter care about other tweeters as people? Or are all other tweeters means to an end? Why am I tweeting, for that matter? To gain an audience. There, I admitted it. It certainly isn't because I have nothing better to do with my time. No, it's to persuade one or two readers to take a chance on my books. One or two, out of the hundreds of followers (one day I hope to say "thousands"). The last thing I will do to them is shove solicitations down their throats the instant they click "follow." Does this make me 'better'? Certainly not. But I'll draw the line somewhere, thanks.

*parting shudder*

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