Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cover Reveal, Falcons Progress Report

I have completed (I think) the arduous task of reworking each cover for the Falcons Saga. Some time ago, Amazon reworked how they want books in a series titled and numbered, so it's possible that Blood of the Falcon, vol. 2 is getting a bit cheated on exposure.

Even though volumes 1 and 2 are meant to be a single book and read together, I had to reconcile myself to the fact that I need to officially split them up. Which means new title, new covers, new blurb, new uploads. Fun stuff. :/ In the near future, Blood of the Falcon, vol. 2 is going to be re-released as Sword of the Falcon, an obvious and very fitting title, since the volume focuses heavily on Kelyn's personal journey. All I need is a blurb for the back and minor edits to the actual text and formatting. Not sure when this re-release will happen, but I'll be sure to post when it does.

For now, here's a peek at what the front cover will probably look like:

Still working on the cover for Book 4, Cry of the Falcon, so no sneak peeks on that one yet. But chapters are coming right along.

Pages revised: 3.5
Became X Pages: 9
Scenes cut: 0
Scenes added: 1
Deaths: 2
Good things that happened: ... I'm sure there's something ... Um, nope, can't find a thing.
Bad things that happened: There is no option left to retreat.

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