Friday, July 3, 2015

First Friday Writing Prompt - Lifelong Dream

Inspiration: go after it with a club

Your character finally achieves their lifelong dream, but it's nothing they thought it would be. Now they would do anything to take it back. Must your character live with the consequences, or is there a way out?

Ready, set, write!

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Court Ellyn said...

Hmm, I like where this idea is going. The first paragraph of my response to the July prompt:


She met him in a bar and, afterward, suspected he lurked there night after night waiting for the downtrodden to sink onto a barstool and order whatever came to mind , even if it wasn’t what they really wanted, usually “whiskey on the rocks.” They were easy to spot, these downtrodden many. Their shoulders were rounded under the weight of defeated dreams, their eyes lacked luster because the spirit had been sucked out of them. But among the many were a few, individuals who smoldered on the inside. They often didn’t know it themselves; they didn’t dare look too deep and see a spark of hope. It might scare them into doing something rash. ...