Friday, February 18, 2011

Progress Report (2-18-11) and the Zoo


Project: Falcons Rising
Pages Rewritten: 5
Pages Cut: 3/4
Good things that happened: Kieryn makes a rainbow
Bad things that happened: Rhoslyn's dress was found where?

I didn't have the chance to write a word yesterday. I was invited to go to the zoo with my sister, mom, niece, and nephew. So I walked around the zoo for six hours yesterday with a 5-yr-old and a 2-yr-old, and a had a great time. Best of all, my honey showed up after lunch and had the rest of the day off to spend with us. But today, for some reason, I feel like I've got a hangover. Could it be only one day without coffee is killing me? Could it be the miles we walked yesterday that I'm not used to? Could it just be getting high on too much goodness? I hope it's the latter but bet it's the other two.

Little Wonders:
Feeding a peacock from my hand. The zoo people let the peacocks roam where they will, and when the kids stopped to ride the carousel, one came right up to my bench and I got to feed it crushed Fritos from my purse (don't tell the zoo people).

Listened to pair of bald eagles fight over their hidden stash of meat.

Looked and looked for a copperhead snake lying in it's usual pile of leaves, then decided "Aw, how sad, they took it out," then after a few minutes of still glancing over the leaves, saw it lying right in front of me! How could my eye not see it? Amazing and very scary camouflage.

The kids faces. Watching them see and discover and get excited when they have something to show you. Best thing of all.


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