Friday, February 25, 2011

Progress Report, 2-25-11


Project: Falcons Rising
Pages Rewritten: 6 1/2
Pages Cut: 3
(oh, so many darlings, gone forever!)
New Scenes: 0
Bad things that happened: the trial of an evil elf
Good things that happened: Aerdria does look lovely in that silver dress

Not much more to add really, accept that with this day's progress, I finished another huge section of revisions and will be spending the next few weeks (hopefully not more than three), typing in all those hand-written revisions. That leaves three or four sections of the same size still to go. Which means I will likely be posting on stuff other than progress reports. *taps chin thoughtfully* What shall I post? I'm sure something will come up ...




Roland D. Yeomans said...

Revisions are like root canals -- you have to endure them for their gain, but they sure are no fun. I admire your spirit. Roland

Court Ellyn said...

Thanks, Roland! Actually, it's the rough drafts I have to endure, maybe b/c I'm impatient and want the entire story to be on paper now, so I start feeling frustrated. Does liking revisions more mean I'd make a better editor than writer? Not sure...