Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Website Blues

Up down up down. The roller coaster is giving me ulsers. So what does this fantasy writer do during writing breaks throughout the day? She makes sure her online writing community is functioning properly. Recently it's been rough going.

I love my writing community. It's a haven for so many beginning writers. There are so many of us addicted to the site and to keeping it running that when things go bad, I'm devastated for the members. Well, the site has been growing so much and we've been blocking so many evil spambots and inputting so much information there that things had started running slowly. Dragging, actually. Painfully so. It's my job as administrator to keep things functioning as smoothly as possible, and my husband's job to implement all those things because the backbone of such a site is beyond my comprehension. He is good about drawing little pictures on scrap paper or napkins snatched off the breakfast table, so I can have a visual of how this box connects to that piece of information so that LegendFire can function at all. It's an amazing, dizzying network.

Last week we decided to upgrade our firmware (which is always stressful because of unforeseen complications), in the hopes of fixing the dragging load times. Alas, no success. We turned our magnifying glass elsewhere, to finding excess information that was being loaded during every click anyone made and archiving that. Turns out our spam blocker had blocked over 10,000 ip addresses. Now, that's a lot of evil spambots trying to access our insignificant little community. A positive step forward. So, just as things started running quickly and efficiently again, our webhost has a "major outage" which keeps taking down our site. My author's website is hosted by the same host, and has likewise been up and down, up and down, which can't be helping how I'm perceived to readers (and potential buyers) who know no better.

There are some things that one must learn to release. Control over uncontrollable situations being one of them. It's been hard not to panic over the past couple of weeks. Once the issues are all resolved, they won't matter one bit. The roller coaster will come to a stop, and my upset stomach will settle down nicely.

In the meantime, what can I do but write? Right? :D Woe! Woe to Aralorr! In the next few pages, innocence shatters forever.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Some Kind of Update...

I feel terrible about not posting at all in February. Not even one little progress report. I've been too focused during my writing hours to stop and blog, but it's Friday and I feel more relaxed, so here I am. To be honest, I'm leery about book updates now, because I don't want to spoil the reading for anyone. I'll just continue to be vague, shall I?

Chapter(s): 16-19
Pages Revised: 29
Became: 42 (yes, it's safe to say that I'm nearly doubling the current content)
Deaths: 1
Good things that happen: Carah receives unexpected help in learning to become avedra
Bad things that happen: The Black Falcon invites kings, lords, and ladies to a suspicious gathering

Wait! Who is Carah, you ask? Well, here's a hint: she likes to call herself the Duke of Ilswythe, because she doesn't like to be outdone by her older brother.

In other news, my short story Resurrecting Janis has made it to the second round of reading at a particular online magazine. Martin Davey confessed to me that even though one of his stories was rejected by this same magazine after making it to the last round, he received a full critique from the slush readers. Such a critique would be well worth a rejection, which is a far cry from a form letter. So either way, I'm looking forward to the zine's response.