Monday, November 3, 2014

The Beast Grows...

Well, I've calculated the current word count of the next installment of the Falcons Saga and examined how much I still have to revise, and it has become painfully obvious that the material remaining is too long for a single book.

Therefore, the series will be one book longer than I thought. So I've had to come up with yet another title. The current book, which will be Book 3 of the series, will be called Cry of the Falcon. The last book will still be Fury of the Falcon.

And given how Amazon has asked me to clarify volume/title information for Book 1, volumes 1 and 2, it might just be easier to give volume 2 of Book 1 a different title and cover completely. Confusing enough? Yeah. If/when that goes forward, volume 2 will become Book 2: Sword of the Falcon, which in effect, means a new cover for Sons of the Falcon as well, since it is currently being marketed as Book 2, not Book 3 as it appears to be. Still confused? Yeah...

So, lots of changes to come and lots of work still to be done. But this also means that I'm halfway through the next installment. *vast sigh of relief* Hopefully, if I'm not plagued again by a bad case of burnout, Cry of the Falcon could well be available by this time next year. *fingers crossed*


Project:  Cry of the Falcon
Chapter:  19
Death count:  12
Good things that happen:  A silver light shows the path...
Bad things that happen:  Kelyn's past comes back to haunt him, in the most embarrassing way possible.