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Found, and Unapologetic


Unknown said...

I've enjoyed browsing your site. We seem to share similar experiences. I've been filling books with fan fiction, poetry and random writings since I was five years old. As a little girl I loved History and wished to become an Archeologist as well. Although I've never stopped loving History I've realized that writing is my true love.

I'm working on a novel as well, while being a contributing writer for an online community, and an avid blogger. I'd love for you to stop by my site and connect. I love linking up with other writers.

I look forward to reading more about your journey.

Court Ellyn said...

@Tamara - thank you for stopping by and commenting! I'll be visiting your site asap.

Angela S. said...

Hi, this is Tisiphone's Reign from the old LegendFire site. I was wondering if you had backups or archives of posts and stories from LF.

I missed the closing of LF (ongoing health problems prevented me from getting online) and didn't receive a notification that it would be no more. Sad I missed saying goodbye. Thanks, Tisi

Court Ellyn said...

@Tisiphone - Hey, great to hear from you! Yes, I was afraid lots of folks wouldn't receive the bulk mail that we sent announcing the closing.

The Facebook group is still active-ish. And several members have set up chat servers on Discord, so many of us are still in touch. By chance, do you still have Bird's contact info? They can send you invites to our chat server in private, or hit me up on Facebook, and I'll give it to you, so you can join us. We would love to have you there.