Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Month In A Day: Falcons Saga, Progress Report

Ugh! Some passages are just harder to write than others. It's like switching gears and the gears catching and grinding and groaning before the car speeds ahead. Blech. So after the great gory carnage chapter, the following several chapters all take place during the same night. This one night is taking me a full month to write. It's very strange, getting up in the morning, eating, writing, going back to sleep, then waking up again and finding my characters still living out the same horrible day. Poor suckers. It's a nightmare for them, it's a nightmare for me. One day soon. One day we will get over this hump and forge ahead.

Worse, I don't like anything I wrote yesterday, which means scrapping that passage and starting over. The goal: never let the readers know it was painful to write. Write it until it's easy, write it until I like it, then they will like it too. That's the theory anyway.

Chapter(s): 23-25
Pages Revised: 17
Became: 35 pages (and still growing)
Death count: 100+ 
Good things that happen:  The Goddess makes a move.
Bad things that happen: The Black Falcon suffers agonizing disillusionment.