Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Progress Diary: End in Sight

Project: Fury of the Falcon, Book 5, Falcons Saga

Entry #22

Wow, I haven't blogged at all this year??? Whoops. Time flies when you're writing. I can't remember the last time I've been so focused. Er, college? The past three or so weeks have been like viewing the world down a tube.

I am so close to finishing this six-year-long novel project that my head is spinning! Like, literally, one chapter and a bit to go. I survived writing all those deaths and the endgame nightmare, and now I'm tying up the final details. What do I include? What do I omit? It's difficult balancing the pacing -- moving the ending along but not letting it feel rushed. Editing this may be a nightmare. But that's for later.

Getting Carah on her way and closing the entire story is all that remains. Can hardly believe it. Makes me lightheaded thinking about it.

One more week? Two?