Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sneak Peek: Sons of the Falcon

I am pleased to announce that my website has been updated to include a sampling of Book 2 of the Falcons Saga. Yes, you may read the first chapter of Sons of the Falcon at this link.

I never expected the kind of response these novels have received, and so this is for all of those readers who have asked me how the next book is coming along and how much longer they must wait for its release.

The date keeps moving, and I have stopped being optimistic by saying Christmas of this year. I will be much farther along by then, but not finished. Alas. This is a one-woman show, after all, and that includes all the design, layout, and finding as many typos and incoherent rambling as my aching eyes can. I could rush it, but I would not be proud of it. Therefore, in the meantime, may this peace offering satisfy a little of your curiosity, but not all of it. ;)

(Remember, this book is still undergoing revision; while I am currently happy with how Chapter 1 has turned out, there will likely be some textual changes in the final version. Also remember, no copying or reprinting this sample at all without my written permission. I shall send Athna to bombard any pirates I find.)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cat Immortal


October 14, 2005 - July 8, 2013

Well, I meant to get a chapter+ written this week, but on Monday morning I woke up to find my most faithful companion sick. He died at noon. I'm still sick over losing him. Caring about the scene I need to be working on comes and goes in fits, so I write when I can focus on words. 

It's really amazing to discover how many habits I had that revolved around this little guy. Very strange adjusting to a different way of doing and thinking. The worst part was Monday evening dinner time. I went to the garage with my two other cats in tow, and looked down at the floor where three bowls waited to be filled. I had to decide which one to pick up and set aside. Raphael always got his bowl of food last because he was too sweet to steal a bowl from the other two, and because Gabriel and Sonora don't like each other, I have to separate their bowls at arm's length, then I would set Raphael's bowl down in the middle. So I picked up the middle bowl and put it on the shelf, sobbing the whole time, of course.

I've had too many pets during my lifetime to get sappy over most of them, and I am usually not the type who posts sappy obituaries about an animal on my blog, but this one was different. I won't be replacing him any time soon.