Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hello, everyone at Blogspot. I was hoping to lurk around a bit, but it seems I've taken the full dive instead and joined the crowd. Why not? In short, I'm a writer. If anyone, by some random happenstance, stops by to read this obscure post in the wide universe of the net, then God bless you!

In my ignorance, I have no idea what I'm really doing here, except to shamelessly advertise myself and my writing:

"Mists of Blackfen Bog" is a fantasy-ghost-adventure story, a novella actually, graciously published by Silver Blade. Serialized over the summer, the story has reached its conclusion and will soon be moved to the blog section of that lovely ezine.

"Fire Eater" will soon appear in Kaleidotrope, a tidy little print journal for fiction and poetry. I've had the joy of selling this story more than once. It is a fantasy as well, with a darker edge.

"The Wall" is a short fantasy that should appear in the November 2009 issue of A Fly in Amber.

I am also the administrator/moderator of the wonderful LegendFire Writing Community. If you write and seek feedback on your work, stop by and check us out. We try to keep things positive, friendly, and helpful for all our members.

Well, I think that's enough now.


Court Ellyn said...

It looks like that November issue of A Fly In Amber will be the December issue of A Fly In Amber. I'm sure the editors have a good reason for getting the magazine going several weeks late, but that appears to their trend lately. Is it really not possible to start putting an issue together earlier that the middle of the month that its supposed to appear? Hmmm... I'm not anxious or anything. And maybe if I had the enormous responsibility of putting a magazine together I'd understand the time and effort involved and give them a little slack.

But November IS almost over...

Court Ellyn said...

All is well! Check out the story.