Monday, December 21, 2009

To everyone at Blogspot,

Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays!


Martin Turton said...

Happy holidays! How's the book coming along? I start chapter 5 tonight. Of course, I decided to make the chapters shorter so I feel like I'm making more progress :)

Court Ellyn said...

Yeah, short chapters are good. I need to check your word count, but it sounds like you're catching up with me. I'm in the middle of chapter five myself. But it's been a week since I've had the chance to work on it!!! ARGH! I shouldn't even bother this time of year. I hope tomorrow to have nothing to do but write. Not counting on it though. :(

Court Ellyn said...

I counted up an estimated word count, and it comes to about 21.7 k. Yep, you're catching up. I knew you would, darn it. You're so going to beat me to the finish line. Argh!!!