Sunday, March 7, 2010

Still Slogging On Seven

Oh, good grief! I looked back through these blog entries and saw that way back on 9 February I was about to start a revision of Chapter 7 of my novel. It's exactly a month later, and I'm still working on Chapter 7. That is just sad. Pathetic. As in Puts Me In Dumbfounded Despair kind of pathetic. I used to break into tears over the fact that I had no life, that all I had was my writing, day in and day out, all I did was write, write, write. A chapter a week.

Now, what have I discovered? I have so much life going on that I have no time to write. I've been desperate to squeeze in a few paragraphs in a four-hour stretch here, a two-hour snippet there. And a month later, I've still not reached the end of Chapter 7. I'm never going to reach my deadline.

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izzey said...

Slogging to be a matter-of-fact, it is almost required for greatness. lol Without those frustrations, there can be no crazy, determined, 'don't interrupt me' warp-speed, typing sessions.

I'm slacker-procrastinating my 18th chapter.
I think I was hissing at my computer...haha
I am enjoying your blog...sorry I have not been around. :)