Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm Too Sleepy To Think of a Great Title

Well, I'm still here. No more weather talk for now, thank God. (Except that this rain is going to make my flower beds look fabulous)

Still working on the turning point of the novel. Haven't had much time to write in the last few days. Or at least, engagements in the evening are too great a distraction for me to make the time during the day to sit down and jot out a few paragraphs. Why is the month of May so stupidly busy? It's not just that it's spring and there are more expected activities. Seems there are more odd holidays and birthdays in May. All of which consume the weekends and keep me from going to the Renaissance Faire. I love that fair, and I've been unable to attend for two years now. This year, we even missed the Medieval Faire. No turkey legs for me. *sigh* And I have a gorgeous, expensive costume gathering dust in the closet. Playing "dress-up" is one of my favorite childhood memories. When I get to go to the fairs, I get to play dress-up again. It's like the childhood game, but for adults, and permissible in public! Wow.

Oh, well. Point is, I hope to have more days this coming week to write than I did last week. Good grief...

( I really writing this entry at 1:30 am?)

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