Tuesday, June 22, 2010


All this dependence on fallible things!!! Last week we suffered some very bad flooding not far from the town where I live. Nasty lightning too, so I figured when the phones and internet went out, the problem had something to do with the rain and lightning. The AT&T tech comes out two days later, "fixes" the issue. Two days later, the phones and internet go down again. The floods are dried up so that wasn't the issue in the first place. How am I supposed to take care of my online writing community when I can't get online!?! How can I call my dad on Father's Day if I haven't got phone service?!? (And before anyone says, "But...," not every American has a great cell phone. I live in a tree-covered valley; cell phones don't work here anyway) Aaaaahhh!!!! Then, to beat all, the satellite service goes out. Nope, no television either. How much per month am I paying for this??? You gotta be kidding me! *rrrrROAR***

I seem to have found a moment when the sparks are hitting the right wires b/c I've had service today. Long enough to check on LegendFire and post this rant. Will it last? Who the hell knows. C'mon AT&T, I gotta close a writing contest tomorrow. You might not care, but many people do. *fingers crossed* Hoping service continues.


Unknown said...

Funny how technology smites us right when we need it. Hope your woes end soon. Enjoying the blog, btw ... following :)

Court Ellyn said...

Wow! Thanks!

Anyway, ha, happy to report that my internet is now back up. But that means the phone rings now, too. Does anyone else loathe talking on the phone? I know it's the thing these days to have a cell phone stuck to one's ear at all times, but I just don't get it! I'm a young American who can count her minutes on one hand and doesn't know how to text. Proudly. :D

Anonymous said...

That is extremely annoying. I particularly agree with the sentiment of, we're paying all this money for this stuff and then it doesn't work. Obviously, some of it is beyond anyones control but sometimes it does seem like the people you pay for services, while they certainly want their money, don't seem to have that same sense of hurry up when it comes to fixing problems.

It is, as I always say, all part of the conspiracy.

Dr. Mohamed said...

Service back up?