Monday, October 25, 2010

Writing High

Last week was hellacious, in a fun way. At least it ended that way. So I missed another week of posting, but no apologies this time. Life was hectic. In short, I was stuck in a house with eleven family members, half of whom were under the age of ten. Aaaah! Chaos. During the day the kids played with Tinker Bell dolls and watched really cheesy movies like Lady and the Tramp 2 and Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. Whatever happened to the originals that lacked the overdose of cheese? Well, at least in the case of the first above-mentioned movie there was no cheese, just spaghetti and creepy Siamese cats. In the evenings, we made smores around the firepit. Nice.

While I was happy to be with my chaotic family for a few days, the get together fell right in the middle of a writing high. I was pumping through the rewrites on the novel and experiencing that rare and amazing joy, so Monday and Tuesday, while I was preparing for this get-together, I was roaring and ranting and just ugly to be around b/c I was having to cut that high short. "High short"? How about "cut short that emotional high." Yeah, that's better. The inner editor is on key today, folks. Sorry about that. Point is, got home Friday night, so Saturday I dove (dived) back in and got through another chapter. I have only three chapters left until I finish this first half. Then it's on to the nasty second half that hasn't been touched in half a decade or more. I'm scared to see what's lurking in those cobwebby pages. I'll probably die of gag disease.

By the way, it's Monday! So here's some art for your brain:

Telling a Story Stitch by Stitch
Bayeux Tapestry, detail

Page from the Belleville Breviary
John Pucelle, 1323-26

When the written word merited this kind of attention.



Anonymous said...

The second one -- Wow. Writing sure used to be an artform! And here's hoping you don't die of gag disease; that doesn't sound pleasant. Use what you can and revise the rest.

Court Ellyn said...

Exactly. I'm just afraid there won't be much there I CAN use. Same events told in a completely different way. Nasty. BUT, lots of fun. I hope. Optimism is the pill to cure gag disease. That, and the scalpel called The Big Red Pen. Hehe.