Monday, April 25, 2011

Progress Report, 4-25-11, and Rain

Project: Falcons Rising
Pages Rewritten: 4
Pages Cut: 1 1/2
New Scenes: 1
Bad things that happened: Kieryn goes missing
Good things that happened: ale about a roaring fire, mmm

It feels so good to be back to writing. This last week wore me out, but all that creativity being bottled up isn't a bad thing. I'm hoping for a good run of rewrites this week as a result.

Most importantly, we finally have had a good rain. The last time we had rain like this was last August. We had trace amounts in October, then nothing. Two snows don't count if the snow is as dry as mountain snow and leaves dry powdery ground behind. We've suffered devastating and deadly wildfires. Our farmers have lost their wheat, most won't bother with cotton this year, and the cattle are going to have a tough time with dry ponds, and the hundred degree heat hasn't hit yet. But we've had rain this weekend. A blessing on Easter. Please, God, send more. My creek isn't even rising yet, so parched is the ground.

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