Sunday, July 10, 2011

Progress And An Award!

Progress is everywhere. Slowly but surely, the wall we've called Jackson has begun looking like stone again. We hope to knock even more paint away today. We shall conquer! In the meantime, the novel project is inching forward as well. A slow mighty galleon with all her sails unfurled flees time who chases her. That's a pathetic metaphor, but can anyone tell I've been researching old ships for this segment?


Pages Revised -
Pages Cut -
New Scenes -
Items Researched - Naval battles, 18th Century. Only problem is, my novel takes place before a gun powder age, so adaptations in weapons is lots of fun. Primary resource: Patrick O'Brien's Navy: The Illustrated Companion to Jack Aubrey's World, by Richard O'Neill, editor. Next step: read a Jack Aubrey novel.
Bad Things That Happened - sails on fire is never good
Good Things That Happened -
Athna's lure worked

In other news, Monica Mansfield of
Storytelling & Me graciously bestowed upon me this blogger award! Cool!
Seven things about myself:
1. I collect prints of Waterhouse and Leighton art.

2. I've never read a Twilight novel or an Eragon novel, nor do I intend to.
3. I love the American Girl dolls.

4. I used to want to be an airplane pilot.

5. I'm terrified to venture into water where I cannot see what's under my feet.
6. I'm prone to acne, despite being 30-something. :(

7. The last name of my penname is a combination of my middle initial and my father's name.

Now to pass it on. I bestow the Irresistably Sweet Blog Award to:

1. (Anyone else having trouble with their followers not appearing on their page? When the follower service is functioning again, I will choose award winners.)





Anonymous said...

Speaking of progress, I'm 12% through Mists and thoroughly enjoying it. Holy cow, it's well-written! And this coming from a reader who consumes only SF and horror. RE: followers, I've noticed them disappearing and reappearing on a regular basis lately. Weird.

Court Ellyn said...

Thanks, Milo! I hope the last 88% doesn't disappoint. *chews nail nervously*

Jeff Chapman said...

One of my favorite paintings is Waterhouse's Miranda from The Tempest. I don't know if it's the subject matter or their style but something about the PreRaphaelites connects with my imagination.

Court Ellyn said...

Oh, definitely! I noticed you like the Tempest piece. :D Good choice.