Monday, October 3, 2011

Falcons Promo

A bit of promo art, anyone?

Well, ideally, I'm not lying about the date. Okay, okay, it's not a date, it's a season, which gives me lots of leeway. Friend Virginia is getting very, very upset that this project isn't finished yet. She only got to read the first half of this novel, and she's anxiously awaiting the rewrites for the rest. I can't let my new head cold get in the way. Rewrites must go on.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful promo art!

Jeff Chapman said...

Cool picture. Is this story set in the Blackfen world?

Court Ellyn said...

@Milo - Thanks so much. This side of self-promotion is taking lots of practice, but it's lots of fun.

@Jeff - actually, no. This particular world is one I built a looooong time ago. My first go at it, really. I'm not sure it's all that original or complex as compared with the Blackfen world, but whatever. Someday, I do hope to actually finish one of the novels I've started that take place in the Blackfen world. *fingers crossed*

Thanks for stopping by, guys!

Winter said...

Lovely and inspiring artwork! Giving oneself plenty of leeway is a good thing. No room for negativity :) If you finish early you can be proud of the accomplishment, and if not so early you can be proud that you made your deadline. either way you win as do your readers. I hope you feel better soon.