Monday, November 28, 2011

Progress Report, 11-28-11, and Ebook Pricing

My methods of revising Falcons are changing enough that it's becoming more tricky to accurately count up my progress in terms of pages or word count. Cutting, keeping, tossing, rewording. Very little is as it once was. Book One is also undergoing a title change. Rising this, Rising that. I'm seeing it everywhere. Don't want the thing to be lost in a Rising sea. So here goes:

Project: Blood of the Falcon
Pages Cut: 4 3/4
Pages Revised: 2 1/2
New Pages: 5 3/4
Good Things that Happened: The Black Falcon accepts a new shield
Bad Things that Happened: Kelyn fears a bit of vengeance

That aside, the subject of ebook pricing has come up in recent discussions. I was wondering about the range of opinions concerning the $0.99 craze. A good thing? A bad thing? Does it help budding writers and the ebook market in the long run? What might be the cons of pricing books so low? Any analysts in the house? Helpful links?


Walter Zawig said...

This one is quite good. Excellent site, even

Court Ellyn said...

Hey, thanks, Waziwig! I'll check that out.

Ben said...

I remember reading Waziwig's link before, when it was put on LF.

Anyway, Blood of the Falcon is good title.It would catch my eye, at least. So you are going in the right direction there.

Court Ellyn said...

Ah, thanks! I'm terrible with titles, but I think you're aware of my stating that before. The titles I like don't have stories with them. The stories I write have so-so titles. This may be the third time I've changed the title for this novel. We'll see if it sticks.

Anonymous said...

Blood of the Falcon... I keep envisioning a falcon bleeding, but then, having said that, I'd still pick the book up if I saw it on a shelf.

However, I'm also biased since I'd buy any of your books regardless. You know, to help support your sales and because I love your writing style. So... not sure if I can give you a honest critique of the title.

Court Ellyn said...
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Court Ellyn said...

Okay, climbatree, what other name do I know you by? I'm sure I'll feel silly when you tell me.

Oh, and bleeding falcons is apt, if one thinks of those falcons as people at war. *wink wink*