Wednesday, May 2, 2012


A few weeks ago LegendFire received a new member who called himself by the mysterious username "The Bearded Scribe." Because it is my job to keep an eye on new members, mildly stalking them, if you will, until they prove themselves benevolent, I checked out the links that the Bearded Scribe posted and engaged him in conversation (it may sound creepy, but I'm Momma Bear where our members are concerned). Lo, and behold! Who would have guessed that my investigation would lead to a valuable network with a fellow fantasy author and an interview and guest bloggerhood?

The Bearded Scribe is a relatively new blog at Blogger that will focus on speculative fiction, writing it and reviewing it. If you're curious, check out my interview there. It's lengthy, but it provides a thorough overview. A little about writing, a little about administrating LF.

About that guest bloggerhood bit. I'm flattered and astonished. I always wondered how that happened, and now I know. Not sure when I'll be posting there, or about what, but I'll let you know how it goes.


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test said...

WOW! Thank you, Court, for this wonderful write-up!

It just goes to show you that writing doesn't have to be the solitary existence most imagine it to be. There is a community amongst us writers, and one that should be treasured and celebrated!

If we don't look out for each other who will, right?

So excited to have you as a guest blogger at The Bearded Scribe, and anticipating your first guest post with the same amount of excitement a child gets when he hears the all-too-familiar sounds of the ice cream truck approaching in the distance.

Who am I kidding--I still get excited when I hear the ice cream truck!