Saturday, March 7, 2015

First Friday Writing Prompt: combining ideas

This month, instead of making use of a single image to inspire a story or poem, I'm going to be taking a single element out of two random images and smashing them together to produce (hopefully) strange and wonderful results. I learned this exercise in Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, edited by Laurie Lamson.

Image #1 "Lantern Festival" by Sharleen Chao

Image #2 "For a minute there, I lost myself" by Thorvaala

Hmm, the two elements to be mashed together in the (Questionably) Great Collider in my brain: a flower made of light and a basketball.

This might take a while...

(If you find inspiration and wish to share your creation with me, please do the following:
* DO paste a link to your creation as a comment to the prompt you’ve used.
* DO include a link back to my blog, Wordweaver.
* DO NOT copy anyone else’s work and publicize it as your own.

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