Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cry of the Falcon, Progress Report

I've counted them up, and it looks like I have only three (maybe four) chapters to write in Cry. I'm so stoked that I feel like emitting an undignified, porcine squeal.

Almost! The finish line is in site, and it feels amazing. Once this draft is finished, I get to my favorite part of the process -- the editing. Cut, move, tweak, polish. Hopefully I have something here that will sparkle. (I foresee quite a bit of work to remove the grime, however.)

So far, this installment of the Falcons Saga has taken twice as long to write as the others, but it's the same(ish) length. Last year was a struggle to fight the burn-out and keep going. But I'm past that for the present and can't wait to finish this beast.

This week I'll be writing in a hotel in Kansas City. Lothiar is going with me to keep me company. I'm taking a dragon, too. ;) Should be an interesting brawl.


Anonymous said...

I like your positive outlook on editing. I don't know if it's my favorite part of the process, but it's definitely rewarding to see things polished up until they shine. Keep up the good work!

Court Ellyn said...

Hi, Milo! Yes, if writing the rough draft is like the work-out, editing is the massage afterward. Well, maybe not THAT good, but you know, releases the tension as you work out the kinks? :D Anyway, thanks for stopping by!