Wednesday, October 18, 2023

I'm A Proofreader at Fiverr

proofreading Gig has been approved at Fiverr. I'm so excited to toss my net over somebody's manuscript or website and snag those pesky typos and grammatical slips. I just need somebody to take a chance on my skills and click that Order button.

The link to my Gig can be found AT THIS LOVELY LINK.

Or THIS LINK. Both should lead to the same place.

So what is this Gig all about? I'll just quote the Gig description:

My job = final polishing by correcting the following: 
  • spelling 
  • grammar 
  • punctuation 
  • typos 
  • floating words 
  • omitted words 
  • word usage 
  • format inconsistencies 
  • broken links 
What this Gig is NOT about: 
  • changing your writing style, voice, or message 
  • editing for clarity, structural, or developmental issues (that's a whole other kettle of fish) 
  • working with early, unedited drafts 
  • beta reading for plot arc, character arc, etc. 
Genres I love to tackle: 
  • fantasy, sci-fi, horror and all related subgenres 
  • historical 
  • literary
  • mystery/thriller
  • middle-grade
  • nonfiction: including memoir, blog posts, articles, essays, website content 
Genres better suited for someone else
  • romance 
  • erotica 
  • religion 
  • hardcore military fiction 
My rate: $5 per 1000 words of any total length, be it 500 words or 150,000. 

Delivery times: 
  • up to 5000 words = 5 days 
  • up to 25,000 words = 14 days 
  • up to 100,000 words = 30 days 
  • over 100,000 words = 45 days


Once I get a few jobs under my belt, I'll be raising those prices a bit, so whoever comes along first will get the better deal.

For this Gig to work, I can ONLY be contacted about this job at the above links. Any attempt to solicit a job here on my blog or other social media outlets will be refused and the link sent to you anyway, so just follow the link.

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